Shareholder Disputes


One thing that established publicly-traded corporations and closely-held startup corporations share in common is the distinct possibility that a shareholder dispute will arise. Given the significant financial interests that shareholders have in defending their ownership interests, and the infinite variety of situations in which diverging views and actions can affect a corporation’s fortunes, a shareholder dispute in any type of corporation should not come as a surprise. That said, how the parties involved go about defending their interests while asserting their rights under relevant shareholder agreements and state and federal law can have an enormous impact on the financial future of shareholders and the corporation alike.

At LawPLA, our business litigation team provides counsel and representation to various parties involved in shareholder litigation – including shareholders, directors, officers, the corporation itself, and relevant third parties – with a sophisticated and cost-effective approach, all in service of advancing our clients’ interests to the fullest extent under the law and relevant shareholder agreements.


Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Shareholder Agreements

Majority shareholders, directors, and officers all owe fiduciary duties to act in the interests of the other shareholders of the corporation, as well as to abide by the terms of the shareholder agreement. When a dispute arises over an alleged breach of a shareholder agreement or a breach of a fiduciary duty to the corporation – such as the duty of care, duty of loyalty, and duty not to compete with the corporation – our business dispute team can provide a legal assessment of your options and representation in reaching your best outcome.


Suits Over Dividends, Corporate Accounting, and Books and Records

A common source of tension in corporations, especially those at the small to mid-sized level, is concern over the corporation’s accounting and the rights of shareholders to receive dividends. Our team has the resources to work with various parties involved in suits over dividend payments, demands for accounting and inspection of books and records, and other related disputes to enforce our clients’ rights.


Shareholder Voting Disputes

Our team also works with shareholders, corporations, and directors and officers to enforce their rights with regards to all types of voting disputes, from actions to compel enforcement of a shareholder vote to mergers & acquisitions disputes.

Whether you are a veteran of shareholder disputes or new to conducting business in the corporate/shareholder arena, we invite you to speak with us regarding your situation and what we can to represent your interests in your shareholder dispute.  


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If you or your company are dealing with a shareholder dispute, or believe that a shareholder dispute may arise in the near future, work with the business litigation team at LawPLA to comprehensively address your concerns and understand your potential rights and obligations. Contact LawPLA today to schedule a consultation to discuss your shareholder dispute matter.

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