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What We Do

At the Law Office of Parag L. Amin, P.C. (“LawPLA”), we pride ourselves in delivering both extraordinary legal counsel and exceptional client results.

Our Results

Below are same of the past outcomes we’ve delivered to our clients


in saved payments on a royalty agreement in which the case settled during trial (just before closing arguments)and after an initial offer of $0.


for pure emotional distress damages without any physical symptoms and $0 in medical bills.


for a premises liability case in which our client cut his hand on a heater and sustained nerve damage and after the landlord denied the injury and made an initial offer of $0.


$350,000 for a car accident case involving a broken leg in which the highest amount another prominent law firm was able to obtain as an offer was $100,000.


for a premises liability case in which the client was bitten by bed bugs for months and the landlord denied the presence of the bed bugs and initially offered $0.


for a failure to disclose in a real estate transaction case after an initial offer of $0.


for a consumer fraud case involving a mechanic after an initial offer of $0.


for a broken arm caused by a woman’s dog taking off running and pushing client to the ground after an initial offer of $0 (policy limit).


for a car accident case of auto vs. pedestrian for a broken leg after an initial offer of $30,000 (policy limit).


for a consumer fraud case involving a mechanic after an initial offer of $0.


for an employment case following an initial offer of $0.

Disclaimer: Please note that our prior results or not a warranty, guarantee, or prediction of future results. Each case is different just like each of our clients.

Client Reviews & Testimonials

Parag is an excellent lawyer; he kept us up to date with the case and went above and beyond answering all of the questions we had. It wasn't easy finding a good lawyer without recommendations from friends, but from the start we were confident in Parag's abilities. The process was as painless as it could have been. Very thankful to have found Parag and highly recommend his practice.

-N.R. August 14, 2018

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