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Partnership Disputes

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In business, partnership disputes can be as emotionally and financially taxing as divorce. LawPLA fights for you by focusing on the facts.

You have probably heard the saying, “Nothing personal, it’s just business.” But as experienced business lawyers, we know better. In our experience, partnership disputes can – and often do – become personal. In a worst-case scenario, the fallout causes unnecessary distractions, filters through the ranks, and damages morale. It also hurts the bottom line.

These cases must be handled with skill, precision, and a high emotional intelligence regarding the various personalities involved—and the best way to deal with them.

No matter how big or small their business may be, our clients count on us to resolve partnership disputes quickly and easily. That way they can concentrate on maintaining daily operations with minimal disruptions. We do so by focusing on the facts and getting creative with the legal strategy to help obtain the outcome that clients are looking for.

Forming a new partnership? Lean on us to empower you with knowledge guide you to set up a proper partnership to have peace of mind from the get-go.

What Our Clients Say And Why

In business, partnership disputes can be as emotionally and financially taxing as divorce. LawPLA fights for you by focusing on the facts.

Getting to the Underlying Issues

The key to our success is our understanding of underlying legal issues frequently found in partnership dispute cases. For example, we apply our knowledge of both personal injury law and business law to resolve partnership disputes stemming from product or premises liability claims. Our civil litigation skills come in handy for resolution of partnership disputes stemming from one party’s refusal to relinquish business property. We also tailor the approach to the case based on what we believe will be most effective against the other side. This usually involves not just an in-depth knowledge of the law but also emotional intelligence to know what to do in a situation, what to say, and how to approach it.

Our ability to put all of these things together allows us to resolve partnership disputes as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Resolution of these matters before they get ugly saves our clients time and money, and allows them to concentrate on business as usual. We have either saved or recovered tens of millions of dollars of value for our clients in partnership disputes. While we cannot guarantee that your results will be the same since each case is different, we can guarantee that we will do everything anyone can to help maximize your recovery.

If you are embroiled in a partnership dispute, or you fear one is brewing, the business lawyers at LawPLA are here to help. Contact us today.

Types Of Partnership Disputes We Handle

The skilled business attorneys at LawPLA help clients resolve partnership disputes stemming from:

  • Breaches of partnership agreements
  • Failure of a partner to do what he or she was supposed to do
  • Partners taking more than their fair share of profits or revenue
  • Partners running personal expenses through the business
  • Refusing to relinquish business property when the business is transferred or sold
  • Lack of compliance with a non-compete clause or similar provisions
  • Lack of compliance with business confidentiality clauses
  • Breach of contract
  • Product liability claims
  • Premises liability claims

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