Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

In the High Stakes California Real Estate Business, Legal Disputes are Inevitable

California has some of the highest real estate prices in the country and with so much at stake legal disputes are inevitable. When they occur, the experienced real estate litigation attorneys at LawPLA will provide you with the comprehensive and experienced legal advice and representation you need. Whether you are buying your first single family home or are an experienced commercial developer – we have represented the full spectrum.

Types of Real Estate Disputes

Real estate litigation is a broad term used to describe many different types of lawsuits, it is impossible to discuss them all in detail here. In general, the types of cases we have successfully handled include:

  • Fraud / Failure to disclose deficiencies – These are cases in which the seller in a residential or commercial real estate transaction is accused of failing to share relevant information about structural deficiencies or work done without the requisite permits prior to the sale.
  • Disputes between neighbors – These types of cases can range from arguments over property lines and certain activities on adjacent properties to disagreements over noise and other “nuisances.”
  • Disputes with real estate agents/brokers – These kinds of cases are legal matters in which buyers or sellers in commercial or residential real estate transactions accuse an agent of failing to act in their best interest, or committing other legal or ethical violations that result in financial losses.
  • Construction defects Sometimes when contractors are constructing buildings, they fail to design or construct the building in accordance with state and local requirements. Other times contractors use faulty materials or have faulty designs that not only pose a danger to the building’s occupants but can also cost thousands or millions of dollars to repair.

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Our real estate litigation team has the skills and experience needed to assist clients involved in any of these cases and more. To find out how we can help you, contact LawPLA to schedule a consultation.