Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual Property Disputes

Historically, many U.S. businesses have regarded trademarks, copyrights, and patents –or intellectual property – as some of their most valuable assets. The same holds true today, when technological advances make it even easier to access and misuse certain material. As a result, disputes over intellectual property are often nasty and may result in protracted legal battles. At LawPLA, our intellectual property attorneys represent clients in the following types of cases.


Wrongful Acquisition Or Use of Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are generally defined as the formulas, processes, customer lists, and other specialized or proprietary knowledge that give a company a competitive advantage and information that is generally unknown to the public. Sometimes companies have ex-employees or competitors who improperly take information such as formulas, processes, or customer lists to gain an unfair competitive advantage. If you believe that your trade secrets were wrongfully taken or are wrongfully being used, then contact LawPLAto schedule a consultation.


Copyright Infringement

A copyright is the expression of an idea such as a book, article, painting, or computer code. The owner of a copyright has the right to prevent the unlawful reproduction of its copyright. Copyright infringement occurs when another individual or business violates your absolute right to the use of this material by reproducing and distributing it for financial gain without your permission. If you believe someone is infringing on your copyright, Contact LawPLA


Trademarks Infringement

A trademark is a logo, design, or other signifier of a product or service that allows consumers to distinguish one brand from another. Some examples of famous trademarks are Amazon, Apple, and Nike. Our firm has handled trademark litigation cases in which one company owner is infringing on another trademark by creating an identical logo, design or symbol to make buyers believe they are getting the original product. If you believe someone is infringing on your trademark, Contact LawPLA


Design and Utility Patent Disputes

A patent gives the owner of that patent the exclusive right to manufacture or create that product. There are two types of patents: utility and design. The utility patent is about the usefulness and functionality of a product and gives the owner exclusive rights to manufacture the mechanism(s) that allow(s) the functionality of the product. A design patent is about the ornamental design of a product and has nothing to do with its functionality. Patent infringement happens when another person or business wrongfully makes a device your company has patented in accordance with the specifications listed in the patent. If you believe someone is infringing on your patent, Contact LawPLA


Schedule a Consultation About Your Intellectual Property Case

If you or your business is involved in an intellectual property dispute, we will fight to secure the best possible outcome in your case. Depending on the circumstances, this may include financial compensation and/or the issuance of court orders to halt wrongful activity. Contact LawPLA to schedule a consultation to discuss your intellectual property matter today.