Sexual Harassment Defense


While we do not support sexual harassment in the workplace, we also do not support ex-employees falsely claiming that they were sexually harassed at work because they were terminated for other reasons. While employees have rights to take action against sexual harassment in the workplace — and one of the most frequent ways employees do this is to try and obtain financial settlements along with other forms of relief — an experienced employer’s defense attorney can build a case against a sexual harassment claim against you.

The employer’s defense team at LawPLA represents employers and supervisors who have been targeted with a sexual harassment in the workplace claim and will fight for you under both California and federal laws. We are here to listen to your story, provide you with options for a legal defense, and, should we decide to work together, aggressively pursue justice for you under the law.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment in California

There are two general categories of sexual harassment in California, and both can for the basis of a successful sexual harassment lawsuit. The first type of sexual harassment isquid pro quo” harassment, in which a co-worker or supervisor attempts to obtain sexual favors from a worker in exchange for benefits on the job.

A sexual favor does not necessarily mean sexual intercourse, but can also include unwanted touching, groping, and other requests of a sexual nature. The benefits offered in exchange for these sexual favors could include:

    • Promotions
    • Time off work
    • Desired assignments
    • The ability to join a project or team
    • Not being subject to termination, demotion, or other penalties
    • Threats of other forms of blackmail  

Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment in California

The other broad form of sexual harassment in California is hostile work environment” sexual harassment. While quid pro quo sexual harassment often centers on one person’s unwanted sexual advances towards another employee, a hostile work environment claim does not have to involve sexual advances, and the offender may not even have sexual interest in the victim.

A hostile work environment claim instead looks at the working conditions an employee has to endure, and whether they rise to the level of making that person uncomfortable such that they may desire to quit the job, transfer to a different department, seek counseling, or simply be subject to intolerable conditions.

In defending against a hostile work environment sexual harassment case, know that the following acts may constitute potential acts of harassment:

    • Jokes and comments based on a person’s gender or gender identity
    • Jokes and comments based on a person’s sexual orientation, sexual history, or perceived sexual history
    • Other unwanted statements made to a person of a sexual nature
    • Lewd and sexual imagery placed on walls, desks, equipment, and other working areas
    • Tolerance of other forms of sexual or lewd behavior which makes others uncomfortable

Talk to the Employer’s Defense Team at LawPLA

When you speak with a member of our employer’s defense team, we will provide a safe space for you to fully explain your situation to help you determine whether there may be legal merit in a sexual harassment or hostile workplace environment complaint against you or your business. We will allow to tell your story while inquiring about facts relevant to your specific situation.

We will also provide you with an initial overview of what your legal options are for resolving the matter, what we can do on your behalf, other steps that will be necessary to gather more information and/or defend a sexual harassment claim on your behalf.

Contact a Los Angeles Employer’s Defense Attorney Today

If you or your business are faced with a claim of sexual harassment in the workplace, work with the employer’s defense team at LawPLA. We can help you assess your situation and understand what legal options are available to you. Contact LawPLA today to schedule a consultation to discuss your potential defense against a sexual harassment claim.

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