Race, Religion, Gender, and Sexuality Discrimination


Although federal and California state laws prohibit discrimination based on race, religion, gender/gender identity and sexual orientation, the sad reality is that employers are often accused of discrimination that may be untrue and/or lacks evidence. At LawPLA, we help employers who are wrongfully accused of workplace/employment discrimination in Los Angeles and elsewhere by providing comprehensive legal advice and representation.

Understanding Employers Rights Under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act

The Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) is a set of California laws designed to ensure that Californians are not precluded from obtaining work or shelter based solely on certain traits and characteristics. FEHA also protects Californians from wrongful firing, demotion, eviction and other punitive actions based solely on certain traits and characteristics.

Under these laws, you, the employer, cannot refuse to hire or treat employees any differently from other applicants or co-workers based solely on their race, religion, gender/gender identity or sexual orientation. FEHA also precludes you from terminating or demoting an employee, docking employee pay, or taking any similar actions because the employee has reported discriminatory behavior, filed a complaint, or taken legal action. But just because an employee reports discriminatory behavior does not mean that it actually occurred, or their claim will hold up in court or an administrative hearing.

If you have been accused of discrimination against an employee because of their race, gender/gender identity, religion or sexual orientation, or of taking retaliatory action after an employee reported discriminatory behavior, contact LawPLA for a consultation on your case.

Methods for Resolution of California Employment and Housing Discrimination Cases

In general, there are two options an employee can take for legal recourse in employment and housing discrimination cases. The first is filing a complaint directly with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, and the second is filing a lawsuit in court.
Based on a thorough assessment of your case and where the employee has filed the complaint, our lawyers will determine the best defense for you.

We will also provide the legal representation necessary to fight for the lowest compensation award, in the event that the court or case adjudicator determines in favor of your employee. Employees may request compensation for back pay, reinstatement in the workplace, reparation for emotional distress, and attorney and court costs.

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If you have been accused of discrimination by an employee based on their race, religion, gender/gender identity or sexual orientation, you may not know what to do or where to turn. But our experienced attorneys are here to fight for you.
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