Gym and Recreational Injuries

Helping You Recover After A Gym Or Recreational Activity Injury

For fitness fanatics, few places beat California. In close proximity to world-class beaches, and a short drive away from numerous national parks, the city and surrounding area boasts a wealth of opportunities for anyone that embraces an active lifestyle. There are also health clubs, fitness centers and gyms – California is home to lots of them, making all sorts of daily workouts widely accessible.

But even a relatively minor injury sustained while exercising or participating in a recreational activity, can have serious consequences. At LawPLA, our personal injury law team has a proven track record of successfully representing people who have been hurt while working out, playing a sport, or engaging in similar activities. If this has happened to you or a loved one, we can help by assessing the specific circumstances of the case, explaining legal options and recommending legal strategies.

Assumption Of Risk Doctrine In Sports and Recreational Activity Injury Cases

One of the most important things we do as personal injury lawyers is helping clients or prospective clients understand why they can – or cannot – pursue legal recourse. This means we must often analyze complicated legal concepts that affect their ability to obtain compensation from the person, business, or organization that caused or contributed to the injury.

The knowledgeable personal injury attorneys at LawPLA, we can quickly and easily assess whether assumption of risk doctrine and other legal principles are issues in your case, and if/how they will affect the outcome.

Ordinary And Gross Negligence In Gym Injury Cases

These are some of the key factors considered when we evaluate your gym injury case:

  • Whether the gym owner/gym management/staff was negligent;
  • Whether that negligence caused or contributed to your injury;
  • The extent of the negligence that caused or contributed to your injury;
  • Whether you signed a waiver/release along with or as part of your membership contract;
  • The provisions included in the waiver/release.

These issues merit careful assessment in light of several California court rulings that make it difficult to win a lawsuit against a gym where you’ve been hurt if you’ve signed a waiver.

Making A Premises Liability Claim In A Gym Injury Case

A premises liability claim is one in which you allege that the gym owner’s failure to provide a reasonably safe environment caused or contributed to your injury. To make a successful premises liability claim in connection with your gym injury, you must prove that:

  • The gym owner/management did not correct a known hazard that caused your injury;
  • The gym owner/management did not perform inspections that would have revealed the hazard or defect otherwise unknown to them;
  • You didn’t sign a waiver releasing the gym from liability in these circumstances

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