Prerona Bhattacharjee

Prerona Bhattacharjee began her career as a paralegal in 2020 and joined the Law Office of Parag L. Amin, P.C. (“LawPLA”) in 2021. With two years of extensive experience, she contributes her analytical and detail-oriented skills to the firm’s mission to provide high-quality, professional services. She supports the Personal Injury group as a paralegal responsible for the day-to-day handling of case work.

Prerona graduated from ICFAI Law School and Foundation for Higher Education and was awarded the Gold medal for Academic Excellence in 2020. She finds her work as a paralegal rewarding because it allows her to help people, especially those going through tough times.

LawPLA emphasizes being people-oriented, and this is a trait that resonates strongly with her character. She believes that genuine, positive impact occurs at the interpersonal level, and she consistently demonstrates the ability to foster a positive team environment in the workplace. As a paralegal, her organizational and interpersonal skills and her ability to work well with others while retaining her self-sufficiency are significant assets. In addition, she takes great pride in her work and finds LawPLA a perfect fit.

In her personal time, she loves to spend time with her cats and likes to read about history and spend time with friends.