What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Attorney to help with Instagram Influencer Law?

Protect your social media accounts

As a celebrity influencer, you are responsible for protecting yourself and your brands. It will help cover your liability if your influencer marketing platform takes a firm stance and threatens you with warnings or action from the FTC. An influencer law attorney can give you the proper legal guidance to safeguard your social media accounts, endorsement deals, sponsorships, and products from FTC lawsuits and potential liability fallout.

Infringing on FTC rules can ruin everything

The FTC warns social media influencers to avoid deceptive ads and endorsements. Your Instagram influencer, Facebook, Snapchat, or Tiktok accounts can be unilaterally shut down and frozen. Violating FTC regulations can cost you a lot— not just your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social media accounts, but your endorsement deals with global brands, too. It affects your partnerships with major companies and organizations, your long-term sponsorships, and even your product-based businesses!

Ensure your social media handles are secure

To protect you against the ever-present risk of a legal dispute or potential lawsuit as an Instagram influencer, you need a seasoned, experienced attorney as your advisor. Many laws govern what you can or cannot do on social media and email marketing campaigns. The Law Office of Parag L. Amin, P.C. will walk you through legal procedures to keep your social media accounts active and safe.

Avoid the legal repercussions

Managing your Tiktok influencer marketing experience is challenging when it’s compelling to be aware of the regulatory implications and contractual obligations. The Law Office of Parag L. Amin specializes in digital marketing and social media law to offer legal protection for influencers. By advising on contracts and enforceable clauses in your endorsement deals or sponsorships, you’ll stay protected against the legal ramifications of posting content to the Internet per the FTC’s regulations.  

Are you concerned about violating FTC rules or about the potential liability associated with violation of FTC rules? As your influencer law attorney, the Law Office of Parag L. Amin, P.C. can help you protect yourselffrom your potential liability. Call us today!

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