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09 . 21 | Real Estate Law

Negotiating the terms of a commercial lease can be tricky — for both the landlord and the tenant. While commercial…

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08 . 20 | Real Estate Law

Buying a home in the U.S. as a non-U.S. citizen can be tricky, at least on the surface. If you’re…

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12 . 16 | Real Estate Law

To say it has been a rough year in the Golden State would be an understatement. Between the COVID-19 pandemic…

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09 . 25 | Real Estate Law

Just because you and your spouse get along famously does not mean you will always agree. In fact, disagreements are…

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09 . 02 | Real Estate Law
Sell Los Angeles Property

A basic guide to partition actions in California In some cases it is inevitable. People go into business together with…

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12 . 08 | Real Estate Law

In California, a seller is required by law to disclose all known material defects. Material defects includes items such as…

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