Our mantra is passion, agility, and commitment drive results.
  •   I recently reach out to Parag for a legal advice and he was very informative and straight forward. Not only did he take my call right away, he was super helpful. Parag is very professional, knowledgeable and extremely patient. Thanks Parag for your help.

    thumb Tiffany T.

      Parag was recommended as a trial lawyer for a lease issue I had with my landlord.  I was impressed with his knowledge base and professionalism.  He was honest and up front about the rewards, risks and challenges of going to trial.  We ended up settling prior to the trial, which ended up being a huge weight off our shoulders, and saved a ton of money in the process.  He stepped into a stressful, multifaceted, and time sensitive situation.  Not only did he bring his expertise to the table, he did so with an empathetic and relatable approach.  I felt like he was on my team.  He is someone I'd want in my corner and will continue to use going forward.

    thumb Brian Y.

      Parag helped me reach a settlement on a dispute, with which I'm very satisfied. He was very responsive and worked quickly to get the matter resolved. His advice on how to proceed during the negotiations of our settlement was also very helpful.

    thumb Stephanie P.
  •   I hired Parag Amin to negotiate a settlement for me with a company I had a dispute with.     He was incredibly responsive to all my concerns and offered useful advice throughout the entire process.  He always had my best interest at heart and was extremely thorough without being excessive.  He achieved the settlement I wanted and I couldn't be happier!   I would recommend Parag Amin to anyone in need of legal representation. R. Bellavia

    thumb Susan B.

      If you ever need legal representation for car accidents, please see Parag Amin.  He is very helpful and gave me great advice!  Highly recommend him!!

    thumb Anonymous S.

      I was dealing with business dispute and Parag provided amazing legal advice that we used to resolve our matter and settle. I highly recommend using Parag as a business lawyer. He listens attentively, and comes up with a game plan that can be executed. What I thought would have led to litigation, he was able to resolve.

    thumb Dragana O.
  •   I called out of the blue to get some advice about my problem- more small claims though. He helped me a lot on the phone letting me know that I was going in the right direction. Good listener. Helpful!

    thumb Ellen G.

      My experience with this firm was nothing short of professional and I am very satisfied with their services and would certainly recommend them to any client in need of legal expertise.

    thumb S M.

      Parag is an excellent lawyer; he kept us up to date with the case and went above and beyond answering all of the questions we had.  It wasn't easy finding a good lawyer without recommendations from friends, but from the start we were confident in Parag's abilities.  The process was as painless as it could have been.  Very thankful to have found Parag and highly recommend his practice.

    thumb Natalie R.
  •   Parag is an outstanding attorney, from the get go he was easy to get a hold of, incredibly easy to talk to, very sharp and best of all he was looking out for me, not just trying to line his pockets. I had an extremely difficult landlord situation and was completely stressed about it. We have a six month old baby and we both run our own businesses, so being able to hand this off to Parag was a life saver. He stayed in contact with me through out the entire process, gave great counsel and reached a fantastic settlement, and all in a short amount of time. Parag isn't just an attorney he's a personal stress eraser! I hope I never need a lawyer again, but if I do Parag is absolutely my guy and he should be yours too. Thank you Parag!

    thumb Aaron D.

      Parag is an excellent, honest, fair, and knowledgable lawyer. I contacted Parag for assistance with getting out of my rental lease due to noise disturbance from another unit and after I had contacted my landlord/management to correct the problem. They were unwilling to fix the root of the problem but told me I could move and sublet my lease. This didn't seem right to me, but I carried on with apartment searching anyway. After contacting my current landlord/management 1 last time, I had received a harrassing email from a random yahoo address with the content of my email telling me to "get a $*#%ing life and move." So now this really didn't sit right with me. I found another apartment and consulted Parag with help to get out of this lease. He knew exactly what codes they breached in the 1st place by not fixing my right to quiet enjoyment and then what was violated upon receiving the harrassment email. He advised me to ask for security back, which I was prepared to offer to them to just get out of my lease, and I hired him again to write the letter to them. It was well worth it for the outstanding job he did as well as for a piece of mind that had eluded me the past few months trying (unsuccessfully) on my own. He was very honest and professional, advising me he didn't know what they would do so he couldn't guarentee any outcome. In the end, they called him to respond that they would let me out of my lease without penalty and refund my security. Even if they hadn't, I still was happy with the amazing letter and services Parag provided. He's legit and you'll be happy if you seek his help and counsel.

    thumb Erin B.

      Parag is very helpful and goes the extra mile for whatever issue you might have. He is relatable and instantly makes you feel at ease. When finding a lawyer, you'll be going through a lot. Times are difficult but having someone who is knowledgeable and well spoken can put those fears at ease. Despite the morning or night, Parag was there to answer any and all questions. If you're looking for someone who can diligently handle your housing issues this is your guy.

    thumb Chhaya N.
  •   I called Parag for advice on an issue I was having with a freelance programming client's payment.  I got a hold of him easily and didn't have to go through any receptionist.  Parag took the time to listen to the issue and gave thoughtful suggestions on what he would do in my situation.  He wasn't like a stereotypical lawyer who might've tried to coax me into getting billed for this and that; he just gave me a free and honest consultation and actually steered me away from litigation, which I appreciated since it probably is not the best course of action in my particular scenario.

    thumb Sebastian J.

      I contacted Parag to help with an insect infestation issue I was having at an apartment I just moved in to. He gave me helpful advice on how to approach the situation with the landlord and didn't pressure me for payment (as most lawyers do). He genuinely wanted to help me and was very professional. His suggested approach successfully relieved me from the hellish situation I was in without escalating the situation. I recommend you give him a try.

    thumb William E.

      The most important thing I can say about Parag is he is incredibly thorough and efficient. I've been in negotiations and contract revisions with business partners who have one of the "top lawyers" in LA. Parag was able to point out several of their mistakes, always had my best interests at heart, took the time to explain what different sections would mean to me practically. After spending several hours on the phone with opposing counsel and many emails back and forth I really appreciate Parag's efficiency. Many lawyers seem to draw things out or things are drawn out because they aren't prepared but not with Parag. He makes the most out of all the time we spent together. I highly, highly recommend Parag and will continue to use him in the future for all my legal services from contracts, lease review, and corporation formation.

    thumb Kelly D.
  •   Parag Amin provided excellent service during a time of need. Through his consultations, which was given with so much clarity, I was able to make sound decisions in regards to my circumstances. It was my first instance dealing with a lawyer but he made me feel enormously comfortable. He explained everything in a clear and concise manner so that I knew exactly what my options were. He was very respectful and courteous as well as responsive. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends!

    thumb Amit S.

      My business had a very complicated licensing agreement that we needed reviewed. We found Parag through Yelp and he was awesome! He has a great rate for reviewing contracts and is incredibly thorough. He walked as through all the legal, as well as business ramifications not once, but twice to ensure that we understood everything that was in the contract. We loved working with Parag and certainly recommend him to anyone.

    thumb Justin R.

      I would like to start off by thanking Parag for all of his help with my situation. When I needed legal advice I was referred to the Law Office of Parag Amin and it was exactly what I needed.  Parag got back to me surprisingly quickly and gave me great advise that helped me avoid an expensive mistake.  If I ever find myself in need of legal advice again he is the first person I am going to call.

    thumb Ian M.
  •   Earlier this year, I left my job so I could venture out on my own.  My partner and I opened a hotel management company and we have been acquiring and managing more hotels ever since.  We needed an attorney and a friend recommended Parag.  Initially I was a bit hesitant because we were just starting-off and he was a relatively new attorney but due to my friend's recommendation and after speaking with Parag, I decided to give him a try.  In the past year, Parag has setup three of our companies, the companies' operating agreements, and several other agreements.   He is honest, knowledgeable, very responsive to our calls and emails, and we have always had a quick turnaround.  I have used several different attorneys in the past, but after dealing with Parag, he is our main go-to attorney.

    thumb Niral M.

      Yes, he's young.  Yes, he's still building his practice. But if you want an advocate that knows what's what and will go the extra mile for you, this is the guy. Great advice and great help on a very unusual landlord/tenant matter. A great resource to have in your pocket.

    thumb Katie M.

      Parag worked with me on a difficult tenant/landlord case that no other lawyer was willing to help me out without charging me an arm and a leg.  Not only that, he's easy to talk to and was accessible to ask for advice via email, text, and phone call. I liked his straight-forward approach in telling me the potential outcomes of situations instead of promising something he couldn't deliver.  I can't recommend this lawyer enough.

    thumb ShopperGirl T.

About Parag L. Amin

Parag L. Amin earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Southern California's Gould School of Law after receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the University of Maryland, College Park. During both his undergraduate studies and law school, Mr. Amin actively participated in community service activities and made a concerted effort to obtain practical business and legal experience. Mr. Amin applies the same practical approach to his law practice.

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Employment Law

Employment Law
If you feel that you have been discriminated against in the workplace based on race, religion, gender, or sexuality, then reach out to us. We have successfully represented employees against many large corporations.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury
A common complaint among many business owners is lawyers do not understand the business motivation or long-term strategy. Parag Amin started his law firm to help business owners bridge the comprehension gap between lawyers and business owners. Parag has not only advised numerous businesses since starting his own law practice at the age of 28, but he has successfully invested in multiple commercial real estate deals. Before law school, Parag Amin worked for a company that provided financial consulting for clients whose portfolios exceeded a billion dollars. Whether you are unsure about a financial or legal decision relating to your business or about optimizing your current revenue, we can help.

Business Formation

Business Formation
Selecting the right entity for you and your business can be a difficult decision. You want to select an entity that gives you the flexibility you desire to avoid having to change the business entity later, which often results in unnecessary taxes and legal fees. We help you start your business, including drafting a personalized shareholder agreement or operating agreement to help you resolve disputes before they arise. Often having the foresight and guidance to solve potential problems before they become actual problems is one of the most crucial aspects of being successful in business. We are here to help.

Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation
We have successfully negotiated numerous residential and commercial real estate transactions and disputes. We have represented clients for commercial purchase and sales disputes and landlord/tenant disputes. We have also successfully advised companies on multimillion-dollar real estate acquisitions. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Mr. Amin worked in the Finance Department of a publicly traded real estate investment trust. During that time he learned the inner-workings of commercial real estate by being involved in deal analysis and in the deal-making process. That work experience provides Mr. Amin an in-depth understanding of negotiating real estate matters not usually possessed by lawyers who have worked solely on the legal side of real estate.

Business Litigation / Disputes

Business Litigation / Disputes
We have successfully represented clients ranging from start-up businesses to multimillion-dollar companies in both state and federal court. Whether your case involves a simple breach of contract or a Digital Millenium Copyright Act claim, we have probably litigated a case similar to yours.


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