Business Torts


What do you do when you have a business dispute?

Unfortunately, part of owning a business is dealing with other businesses and people who do not always keep their word. With that comes the risk that someone breaches their contract, misrepresents the quality of their product or service, or simply refuses to follow through on the agreement. At LawPLA, we often represent clients whose businesses have been damaged by these reckless or deliberate actions, called business or economic torts.
Specifically, we assist clients whose businesses have been damaged by wrongful interference, unfair competition, disparagement, trade libel, theft of trade secrets and more.


What documentation is needed as proof in business tort cases?

Documentation about the key terms of the deal or agreement is paramount. Regardless of whether that documentation is a formal agreement, emails, text messages, the ability to show what the terms of the deal are is crucial.
Once we have the relevant information in hand, we use it as proof that:

  • The defendant was legally or contractually obligated to do something
  • The defendant did not meet this obligation
  • The defendant’s actions or lack thereof adversely affected your business

While conducting comprehensive assessments of each case, we determine whether the documentation provided is sufficient, or if additional evidence is necessary. In some cases, we may need additional material to demonstrate that: the other party acted intentionally or recklessly; that they failed to uphold a specific legal, contractual or societal obligation; and the exact extent of the harm your business sustained as a result.


Legal resolution of business torts

Legal remedies in business tort cases generally include financial compensation for losses incurred and/or the issuance of court orders to halt the harmful activity. If you have a smaller dispute with less than $10,000, or $5,000 or less if you are an entity, seeking resolution of your business tort case in small claims court is a quick, easy, and efficient option. However, if your dispute is more complex or involves a greater amount, then you should consider hiring an expert to help you resolve your dispute. By doing so, you can focus on building your business while the professional you’ve hired concentrates on securing the best possible outcome in your case. At LawPLA, our attorneys have successfully resolved hundreds of business disputes for our clients.

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