Defective Product Injuries

Getting The Compensation You Deserve

When a defective product injures someone, the victim is seldom the only person affected. In many cases, the whole family suddenly finds itself struggling to cope with daily stress stemming from lost wages due to the victim’s inability to work, mounting medical expenses, and more. If this has happened to you or someone you love, the personal injury law team at LawPLA will do everything possible to ensure the injured party gets the compensation they deserve.

Proving a California Products Strict Liability Law Case

As a LawPLA client, you will find that you are treated with courtesy, compassion and respect from your first visit until your case is resolved. The process beings when our lawyers conduct an initial assessment to determine if you have a viable claim under California’s products strict liability law.

To win this type of case, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant distributed, made or sold the product that caused the injury and that it:

  • Contained a manufacturing flaw; or
  • Was poorly designed; or
  • Did not include adequate information advising users about potential safety hazards.

As in any other type of personal injury case, the plaintiff must demonstrate that they were hurt and/or sustained other compensable losses. However, an additional element that must be proved in this type of case is that the plaintiff was using the defective device in a reasonable manner when the injury occurred.

Types of Compensation Available in Defective Product Injury Cases

The type of compensation you will get if you win or reach a settlement in your case will depend on your situation. In general, plaintiffs that prevail in these matters may receive

  • Financial compensation for medical expenses that have already been incurred and those that will be incurred (such as the cost of physical therapy and other rehabilitation services):
  • Past and future pain and suffering (including emotional distress); and
  • Financial compensation for lost wages due to the inability to work.

The Deadline for Filing a Defective Product Injury Case

In California, there is a strict deadline for initiating litigation in this type of case. Specifically, the injured party must file a claim within two years. This time limit begins as soon as the victim realizes or should have realized that they were hurt. Because exceptions to the rules may apply, it is important to get proper legal advice as soon as possible.

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