Whistleblower Actions

Representation For California Workers In Whistleblower Actions

When an employer engages in illegal or harmful business practices, workers who find out about it are faced with a serious dilemma: whether to ignore it or report it. While silence is tantamount to complicity, many workers may fear the consequences of speaking out more. Fortunately, California law protects people who find the courage to do the right thing by prohibiting employers from taking any punitive or retaliatory action.

At LawPLA, our employment lawyers provide effective representation for any “whistleblowers” who are bullied, threatened, wrongfully fired or demoted when employers violate the California Whistleblower Protection Act.


Who Is Protected Under the California Whistleblower Protection Act?

California’s Whistleblower Protection Act prohibits retaliation against the following people after they have reported an employer’s wrongdoing to applicable persons, authorities, or agencies:

  • Employees in the private sector;
  • Employees in the public sector;
  • Anyone other than an employee acting on the employer’s behalf (such as a consultant).

Our employment law team helps victims of retribution understand their rights under the California Whistleblower Protection Act, as well as the means for pursuing legal recourse. We also provide legal advice and guidance for people with questions or concerns about the workplace ramifications of “whistleblowing.”


Types Of Employer Retaliation Prohibited By California Law

Under the California Whistleblower Protection Act, employers are not allowed to discipline or punish workers just because they have reported illicit or harmful activity. This means an employer cannot take or threaten to take the following actions:

  • Ending the reporting party’s employment;
  • Refusing to appoint or promote the reporting party to another position;
  • Demoting the reporting party;
  • Mandatory transfer of the reporting party;
  • Giving the reporting party a negative job evaluation;
  • Preventing future employment.

If your employer threatened to take or actually took any of these actions against you after you reported actual or suspected wrongdoing, contact LawPLAto learn more about how we can help.


In Whistleblower Actions, Our Clients Are Our First Priority

At LawPLA, we hate bullies. If your employer threatened to retaliate or actually retaliated after you reported improper activity, we will fight to obtain the best possible outcome in your case. Depending on your unique circumstances, this may include repayment of lost wages, job reinstatement, and compensation if your reputation was harmed.


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The employment law team at LawPLA has extensive experience helping clients who faced reprisal from their employers after reporting improper or harmful activity based on actual knowledge or reasonable suspicion. If this happened to you, you have limited time to pursue legal recourse.
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